About us

Dr Eldar Aarholt

ACES Consultants was founded in 1990 by Dr Eldar Aarholt while working as a research scientist with office at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.

We provide:

  • Project management expert advice in science and technology-intensive projects.
  • Verification that a design is not based on a technical flaw.
  • Solid design solutions.

A small organisation, highly educated and with long experience, located in the Oslo area.

We provide assistance and research with the following technologies, computing hardware, and computing software topics:

  • Radar systems
  • Communications systems
  • Physics
  • Electromagnetics
  • Real time software
  • Algorithm development
  • Modelling
  • Simulations
  • System revisions
  • Hacks to make things work
  • Anything different from DC

Pricing policy:

Prices can vary from US$100-400 per hour pending on type of work and length of job.
Work resulting in scientific papers is often free of charge.

Some previous customers:

  • Space Norway
  • Bane NOR
  • Avinor
  • Statkraft
  • Statoil
  • Norwegian Ministry of Defence
  • Norwegian Ministry of Justice
  • Sporveien